5 beauties who shocked Kpop when they left the group

Recently, Son Naeun surprised K-pop fans and the group’s fans when she announced her departure from Apink. Prior to this, Soojin, Jimin, Jessica, and Hwayoung also made kpop  wobble by  “giving in” from the group they had been associated with for a long time.

Son Naeun ( Apink )

 On April 8, Son Naeun suddenly posted a handwritten letter announcing her departure from Apink after 11 years of operation. Son Naeun’s sharing became a hot topic of discussion. Many people think that this is the most peaceful “letting go” in Kpop and declare their support for both Son Naeun and Apink to continue developing in their own direction. However, there are still many fans who regret Son Naeun. Others asserted that she was only suitable to stand on stage to perform with Apink, not outstanding enough to give up the group and focus entirely on acting.

The singer and actress’s departure from Apink was predicted by the audience, because last year, she was the only member who did not renew her contract with IST Entertainment (Play M), Apink’s management company. Instead, the movie star Cinderella and the four knights joined the “big man” YG Entertainment and spent most of their time acting, taking photos of magazines, doing commercials… The most recent movie that Son Naeun had Join is Doctor Ghost . In February 2022, the 28-year-old vocalist was absent from Apink’s promotions for their 4th album, Horn. At that time, the audience considered this to be a signal that Son Naeun gradually separated from the group

Seo Soojin ((G)I-DLE)

Soojin’s news of leaving the group was filled with discord. In February and 3, 2021, she caused a stir when she was constantly entangled in the suspicion of school violence. A netizen stood up to denounce this “fan-sucker” of bullying and isolating classmates, causing the victim to have a mental crisis. Some other people also revealed that the former (G)I-DLE member often stole other school uniforms, stole your money, liked to hang out with elderly youth, smoked and drank while driving a motorbike, swearing at friends and never returning things after borrowing… during school days. Soojin is also involved in the suspicion of bullying the child star of the movie Family is number 1, part 2 is Seo Shin Ae

At that time, Soojin and Cube Entertainment both denied the bullying scandal, claiming to ask for legal intervention. In August 2021, Cube Entertainment suddenly reported that Soojin was no longer a part of (G)I-DLE, causing a stir in the online community. Many fans feel surprised and regretful for the young singer when she suffered heavily because of the scandal of school violence in the past. However, many comments supported Soojin’s departure from the group and even wanted her to leave the entertainment industry because of the controversy about her private life.

Shin Jimin (AOA)

In July 2020, Jimin left AOA and temporarily stopped working in the entertainment industry. The decision of the female star born in 1991 came only a day after she was “disclosed” by Mina, a former AOA member. Mina said that she had been bullied by Jimin for 10 years to the point of pressure, depression and had to rely on sleeping pills and tranquilizers to sleep. After all the frustration, Mina decided to leave the group. On her personal page, Mina also surprised the public many times when she posted negative photos showing her intention to commit suicide because of too much pressure caused by Jimin.

After being denounced by Mina, Jimin and AOA members went to Mina’s house to settle. Jimin wrote an apology letter and posted it on his personal page, but still could not calm the anger and anger from the public. Since leaving the group AOA, Jimin has minimized his appearance. Until the beginning of this year, the owner of the hit Puss began to work on social networks again. She makes fans worry because of her thin appearance

Jessica Jung (SNSD, Girl’s Generation)

In 2014, Jessica surprised Kpop when she left SNSD when the group was still at its peak. The management company SM Entertainment gave a brief reason because the “ice queen” was busy with her own business , affecting the group’s activities. As for the Korean star 8X, it was confirmed that the company and the sisters in the same group forced her to “take off her shirt”. The case has been controversial for a long time .

Since officially “single”, the former SM Entertainment family has continuously promoted their personal career when focusing on business as well as launching fashion brands, releasing solo albums, publishing books… A year back Here, Jessica’s Blanc & Eclare fashion brand and her rumored boyfriend Tyler Kwon were repeatedly sued for not paying debts, selling products at unreasonably high prices. China participated in the show ” Billionaire ” and “season 3”. Many Korean netizens think that the former SNSD member is out of time, busy going to other countries to earn money to pay off debts up to billions of won.

Ryu Hwayoung (T-ara)

Hwayoung’s departure and scandal is the “poison drug” that kills the brilliant career of the Tara girls. In 2012, the owners of hit Roly poly were suspected of boycotting Hwayoung. Rumors quickly spread and became increasingly serious. The public all defended Hwayoung and “stoned” Tara. While the case is not clear yet, Hwayoung left the group. 

Although Tara tried to explain everything and many staff members also spoke up, people still criticized the group. For a long time, Tara was turned away and estranged from the audience. The girls’ careers are at the peak because of that, they also fell into the abyss. It was not until 2018, after 6 years from this scandal that shook the entertainment world, that Tara was officially vindicated and returned to justice. However, things could not go back to the way they used to be. And Hwayoung is still developing her acting career, acting regularly

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