20 funny facts about Bts 2024

Check out 20 funny facts about Bts 2024 that you should know !

Sure! Here are 4-5 new sentences: BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm. With their catchy tunes and incredible dance moves, BTS has amassed a huge global fanbase, known as the ARMY.

In 2024, BTS continued to break records, becoming the first Korean act to have a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their single Magic. The group also made history by selling out their world tour within minutes, showcasing their immense popularity and demand. Alongside their musical achievements, BTS has been praised for their philanthropic efforts, inspiring their fans with messages of self-love and empowerment.

20 funny facts about Bts 2024

1. When Jungkook was a student, Jin used to drop him off in the morning using the manager’s car.

2. RM said he’s really passive aggressive to the point that when he was younger and he and his sister got mad, he hid all the umbrellas in his house for her to go to school in the rain.

3. RM learned English by watching ‘Friends’: RM admitted to learning to hone his English language proficiency by watching the hit American comedy ‘Friends’. Known as the leader of the group, RM might have been onto something with this strategy as he is the only member who claims to be fluent in English.

4. While it’s not surprising to hear that BTS has a huge fortune, what many fans may not realize is that BTS is an economic powerhouse for South Korea. The amount of money they inject into the South Korean economy. Recent reports estimate that the group is responsible for injecting about $3.6 billion into their home country’s economy. By reviving tourism in the country, parties and products. In addition to their charitable and supportive contributions to startups

5. One of Jhope’s favorite songs is “Solo” by Dynamic Duo because he had a girlfriend when he was still a student but she left him, so he listened to this song to make him feel better.

6. BTS is proud to be the first Twitter account in Korea to reach 10 million followers.

7. J-hope and Jin randomly appeared on a Ricky Dillon video on youtube in 2014 .

8. the reason Jimin’s eyes have a slightly different shape to each other is because he hit his head on a toilet as a kid and had to get 8 stitches .

9. The famous scar on Jungkook’s cheek is from when he had a fight with his brother when they were kids. The argument was over who was going to use the computer first.

10. Yoongi was the one who took Hoseok to the doctor whenever he had stomach problems, and pains related to anxiety.

11. Jimin’s stage name was set to be Baby J, Jungkook, Seagull, and Taehyung, Lex .

12. Yoongi likes the cartoon character Kumamon: Yoongi likes the brown bear cartoon character known as Kumamon. The bear is the mascot representing Japan-based Kumamoto Prefecture, representing the country’s playful nature and welcoming spirit.

13. The entire group admitted to once being addicted to the popular mobile game called Crossy Road. They even went so far as to tweet the game’s creators asking for merchandise, later posting photos of them posing with the game’s plush chicks.

14. Jimin has a barely visible scar located just above his right eye. He once said in an interview that the scar was the result of being accidentally punched as a child.

15. In addition to his TOEIC score, RM once revealed that his IQ score on a test taken during his sophomore year in high school was 148. This number would put him in the range in which he would qualify for the Mensa International Examination.

16. Taehyung admitted that he likes to sleep hugging a pillow or with whoever is in bed with him. He said he needed to be snuggled up to something to sleep soundly with the band members having photos to prove it.

17. The song “Baepsae” is based on an old Korean proverb. Also known as “Silver Spoon,” the song warns that trying to keep up with others will only lead to self-destruction and the inability to be true to yourself.

18. BTS wasn’t an overnight sensation, it took about three years to come together. Big Hit Entertainment held auditions for the group in 2010, however, the group didn’t debut until 2013.

19. Battling bouts of insomnia, V said he would turn to a book to read. He said the words would put him to sleep quickly once he started reading.

20. It might be hard for you to believe, but Suga is already the envy of girls, with his waist circumference between 28 and 29. Because of his small waist, he says it’s often hard to find pants that fit him well.

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