Lee Joon Ki and Shin Se Kyung in talk to lead Arthdal Chronicles 2

Will actors Lee Joon-gi and Shin Se-kyung become the new protagonists of ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicle’?

On the afternoon of the 20th, Studio Dragon, the producer of cable channel tvN’s ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicle 2’, said in a phone call with My Daily, “I proposed to Lee Joon-gi and Shin Se-kyung to appear as male and female protagonists.”

Song Joong-ki and Kim Ji-won of Season 1 left, and Lee Joon-gi and Shin Se-kyung were offered the roles of Eun-seom (Saya) and Tanya, respectively. Both sides are currently reviewing whether to appear.’

Arthdal ​​Chronicles’ is an 18-episode drama that aired in 2019. The production cost of tens of billions of units was invested, and it drew a lot of attention.

Season two will tell the story of what happens in Arth ten years later. The production team has been deliberating over who will play the adult versions of Eun Seom, a member of the Wahan tribe who was born from a human mother and a Neanderthal, and Tan Ya, the Wahan clan’s successor. As a result, they extended the offer to Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung. Both actors have an impressive filmography and a diverse range of acting abilities.

Arthdal Chronicles 2 will be produced with the aim of broadcasting in 2023.

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