Yoo Seung Ho’s new look after joining YG impresses netizens

Yoo Seung Ho’s new look after joining YG impresses netizens in New Photo Shoot. And the 1993-Born Actor Amazed Everyone With His New Image After Joining YG Entertainment

Yoo Seung Ho recently did a photo shoot with Allure Korea. Yoo Seung Ho’s new look with successful short hair made many people fascinated.

Now, the photos behind Yoo Seung Ho’s new photo shoot have also been released. The 1993-born actor amazed everyone with his new image after joining YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment made a post on its official Instagram on March 23 with the caption, “We all know that actor Yoo Seung Ho not only looks cool but also has a beautiful heart.”

The agency added, “Yoo Seung Ho participated in promoting the adoption of abandoned cats through photo shoots and interviews in the April issue of Allure Korea magazine. We exclusively revealed behind-the-scenes cuts from his photo shoot.

The released photos along with the message show Yoo Seung Ho working at the shooting location. In particular, the former child artist caught the attention of fans with his mature and manly image.

Yoo Seung Ho made his drama debut through“ Daddy Fish, ” and rose to fame as a child actor through the film“ The Way Home.” As an adult actor, he has starred in many hit projects including” My Strange Hero”, ” Memorist” and most recently,” Moonshine.”

“Moonshine” tells the story of the time when a strict ban on alcohol was issued by the Joseon government. The story is about four young people who grow up, form friendships, and fall in love.

Yoo Seung Ho was officially announced to join YG Entertainment on March 2. The actor’s decision had reaped the pros and cons because the agency’s image was rather bad in the public eye.

YG Entertainment currently houses many top stars including Kim Hee Ae, Cha Seung Won, Choi Ji Woo, Jang Hyun Sung, Yoo In Na, Jung Hye Young, Kang Dong Won, Claudia Kim, Lee Sung Kyung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kyung Soo Jin, Han Seung-yeon, to A Pink’s Na Eun.

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