Kim Sejeong’s Response To Haters’ Comments Gets Attention

Kim Sejeong, who is currently starring in the K-drama rom-com” A Business Proposal , ” drew attention to how she handled haters during the live broadcast. Kim Sejeong’s Response was cold and decisively.

On March 19, news outlet Idol Issue posted on her Facebook a message that said, “Kim Sejeong saw malicious comments during the V LIVE broadcast.” In the post, screenshots of the broadcast were also uploaded.

This shows Kim Sejeong’s Response after seeing negative comments from haters. While the idol is known for his cute and cheerful appearance, viewers were confused when she suddenly acted cold during his live broadcast in January.

At that time, the singer of “Warning” said, “I usually feel much more comfortable turning on the paid broadcast of the V LIVE fan club, but because there are many people who are late becoming fans, I deliberately turned on the V LIVE application (free).”

She continued, “But many annoying words came out today. This is a space where everyone can be together, so it would be much better if you just said nice things and everyone could laugh at them.”

Kim Sejeong especially caught the attention of viewers because of the way he talked to haters. Despite having a firm expression, the idol criticizes haters without being rude. With this, the “Plant” singer got more praise.

In response, online users left cheering messages, such as, “What’s wrong with Kim Sejeong?” “Sejeong, just walking on the flowery street,” “I’m not certain why there are so many bad people. Please cheer up!” “Kim Sejeong is perfect, if it were me, I would curse them.”

Kim Sejeong's Response To Haters' Comments Gets Attention

Meanwhile, Kim Sejong broke the internet because of her acting skills through “A Business Proposal.” In the drama, Kim Sejeong plays Shin Ha Ri. After its premiere on February 28, the drama was a hit and continued to receive good reviews even surpassing 10% of viewers with its sixth episode!

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