Former Captain Lee Geun formed a team and participated in the Ukrainian Volunteer Army

Former Naval Special Warfare Group (UDT/SEAL) Former Captain Lee Geun, known for his YouTube channel ‘Fake Man’, formed a team and participated in the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.

Former Captain Lee Geun said on his Instagram and YouTube channel ‘ROKSEAL’ on the 6th, “When the Ukrainian president asked for help from all over the world, ‘ROKSEAL’ immediately prepared a voluntary service mission.” “Set up a plan within 48 hours.” and prepared coordination and equipment.”

He said he attempted to leave Ukraine through official procedures, but was told by the government that ‘entering a travel ban country would be treated as a criminal and punishable by one year in prison or a fine of 10 million won. ‘

Former Captain Lee said, “Even if we are punished, we cannot sit still without helping Ukraine with the skills, knowledge, and expertise we have. So, I didn’t share the plan with anyone except a few people involved,” he said.

Then, he said, “If I return alive, I will take responsibility and receive punishment.” He said, “I will raise my status on behalf of Korea as it is the first Korean volunteer army.”

Earlier last month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed, “Those who want to participate in the protection of Ukraine, please come to Ukraine. Everyone who protects Ukraine is a hero.” Among netizens, the opinion that former Captain Lee’s participation in the volunteer army was a courageous act and criticism that it was an unreasonable judgment are divided, and a debate is taking place. [Picture=Lee Geun YouTube channel, Instagram capture]


However, South Korea has issued a travel warning level 4, which prohibits travel to all regions of Ukraine. Violation of this rule may result in imprisonment of up to one year or a fine of not more than 10 million won in violation of the passport law. Meanwhile, former Captain Lee, born in 1984, attended Virginia Military University and was discharged as a captain in the Republic of Korea Navy’s Special Warfare Group. While acting as a representative of the YouTube channel ‘Captain Lee Geun ROKSEAL’, he gained popularity by appearing on ‘Fake Man’, a YouTube entertainment experience for the military.

Some comments :

  • Even if you are punished, I hope you come back alive.
  • Thousands of times better than other YouTubers who pretend to be soldiers clumsily. It must have been a tough decision, but please come back alive.
  • Wow~ I hate Lee Geun, but I can’t help but admit this.. It’s really cool Lee Geun!!!!!!! Oh my God

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